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Free Nokia Unlocking

What is Unlocking?
Mobile phone networks add a sim lock to their phones so that they can prevent you from using their handsets with alternative network sim cards. Most people prefer to choose which network they want to use with their phone, so if you legally own the phone then you should be able to choose, the networks themselves will unlock your phone for you however they usually have their own charges for this anything from £20-£200 depending on the network. The new version of our unlocker can now even unlock the Security Code, so if you have forgotten your code just enter the phones details and it will provide your phones unique Master Security Code, just enter this code instead of the security code.

How does unlocking work?
There are several different methods of unlocking, the networks can do it for you, you can take the handset to a reputable mobile phone outlet or you can do it yourself. For mass unlocking the best method is using professional unlocking equipment which is available from our site (see Products > Datacables) however for personal usage we offer a completely FREE no catches online unlocking facility, where you can unlock your phone yourself just by entering a few details about your mobile phone into our Nokia Code Calculator.

How to use the calculator?
Our FREE calculator will generate unlock codes for your mobile phone, the generated codes are completely unique and depend on your phones identification number, mobile network and phone type. Once all the details have been entered into the calculator several codes are generated for the different locks on the phone. The locks which require unlocking depend on your country and network, for most phones the calculator will recommend the 5th code, this shall be displayed in bold you should only enter the recommended code. Please input the codes into the handset carefully if the codes recommended code does not work please do not re-enter them incorrectly too many times as you only have 5 attempts before the phone can no longer be unlocked using an unlocking code and may only be unlocked using professional unlocking equipment which has to be connected to the phone. For further details on using the calculator please see below.

PLEASE NOTE: Free codes only work on DCT3 and DCT4 handsets which are displayed in our calculator, DCT4+, DCT4++, BB5 and BB5+ are not supported by any FREE codes. There are only a few methods for unlocking these handsets, trying free codes in these phones may mean the phone can no longer be unlocked.

Calculator Explained

IMEI Number
This is your phones unique 15 digit identification number, this is usually printed at the back of the phone under the battery or can be displayed by typing *#06# into your handset.

Phone Types
There are several different Nokia types for a complete list please see link below. There are currently no code unlockers available for BB5 handsets, please see our Postal Unlock service for Unlocking other Nokia handsets.

Nokia Phone Types List

Country & Network
This is the country & network the phone currently works on.

This is your networks unique identification code, this is automatically entered when you select your country and network.

Entering the codes
To use the codes, we recommend removing your SIM card, then turning on your mobile handset then entering one of the recommended codes into the phone. If the code is successfull you should receive a message showing 'Phone Restriction Off'. The P and W charactars can be obtained by pressing the * key on your mobile phone several times.

Adding the unlocker to your own website
You can add our unlocker to your own website for FREE, for terms and conditions and further information on how to add the calculator please click here

Please Note: This is a free service, if the codes generated do not work please contact us on the address detailed below. Use the codes at your own risk we can not be held responsible for any damage caused.

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